Our Candidate Experience

We recognize that hiring talented individuals is a key component for the success of our bank. We want to make sure your candidate experience with us is positive, regardless of whether or not you are hired. Here is what you can expect:



When you apply, we WILL review your resume.

We believe that people are fundamentally good, that our coworkers' and customers' interests and intentions are pure. We rely on one another and believe in our team.


The Phone Screen

We might have a match. Let's talk.

This initial phone call with our recruiter will not only let us learn more about your experience, goals, and interests; but will also allow you to learn more about the team, the environment, and why this could be your next great career move. After the call, our recruiter will discuss your qualifications with the hiring manager and determine what the next steps will be. The next step could either be coming here for an on-site interview, or it might mean we stay in touch with you regarding future opportunities. Either way, we will let you know.

The on-site interview

Hey, this might be going somewhere...

When you come to First Citizens Bank for an interview, you'll meet with the hiring manager and possibly some key stakeholders involved in the interview process. We'll have many questions for you, and we hope you'll have many questions for us. Our recruiter will call you within a few days after your interview to ask your thoughts, and to give you any updates we can. At this point, we may determine we need follow up conversations, or we might have made our decision. Either way, we will let you know.

The offer


Extending an offer is our favorite part, and we hope you will be just as excited. We still have some house-keeping to do, like determining your start date and completing pre-employment steps. But don't worry, your recruiter will walk you through everything. Once we've finalized the details, we look forward to meeting you on your first day!